70-270 Braindumps: Question 3

You are the administrator of a Windows XP Professional computer. The computer is a member of a Windows 2000 domain. The domain contains a enterprise certification authority (CA). You use the computer to connect to the Internet.

Six months ago, you paid for online computer support services from a support company. The support companys Web site is at https://www.ins.com. Now you attempt to connect to the Web site again to use the support service. Before the Web page is displayed, you receive a dialog box. The message in the dialog box asks you to select a certificate to use when you connect. However the list of certificates that is shown in the dialog box is empty. You cannot select a certificate and you cannot connect to the companys. Web page.

In Internet Explorer, you open the Internet Options dialog box and click Certificates. Several personal certificates appear in the Advanced Purposes list. You want to be able to connect to the support companys Web site at https://www.ins.com. What should you do?

A. Configure Internet Explorer to enable the Use TLS 1.0 option.
B. Add the server certificate for http://www.ins.com to the Trusted Publishers list.
C. Contact the support company to obtain a certificate and add the certificate to the list of personal certificates.
D. Request a user certificate from the enterprise CA.
E. Change the security settings of the Internet zone to enable the Anonymous logon option.


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